Finally! A wellness program people actually want

Get over traditional fitness programs or virtual yoga sessions that no one sticks on to. There’s nothing more fun, inclusive and sticky than playing sports.

People are Getting back to office but no one is talking to each other

Sports has the transformative power to build confidence through physical activity, create bonds through communicating for a common goal and heal the mind. We strongly believe it is the only means to meaningfully engage people to get them closer and recharge together. 

Why Sports for wellness

Meditation + Physical Fitness

Playing sports is meditative - your mind can only focus on the game and it's a great workout to boot

Inclusive Team Activity

Sport is inclusive and people form greater bonds playing together that last beyond the game

Convenient Game Times

Play can happen at any time - morning, evening or mid afternoon break

Play From Home Or Office

Game Theory has a centre close to where people work and near where they live as well

Compete with colleagues and win bragging rights

Introduce a sense of competition and belonging at workplace. Let everyone compete in their own leagues with colleagues or friends. Make positive habits stick and reward the most active folks.

Play on smart courts and get video replays

Players get a super charged pro sports experience with virtual ref callouts and live scores displayed on large screens in the court. After the game, everyone gets video replays of their games complete with scoreboard. 

Marquee tournaments with best in class digital experience

End to end tournament management with live streaming, dedicated website and social channels so the whole company can engage even if they’re not playing!


Videogame Experience

Smart courts with virtual referees combined with custom leader boards for your employees to compete in


Need offsite events with a streak of competitiveness? We organise tournaments with livestreaming parties, chat and dedicated website for everyone to stay informed


Employees or their little ones, we've got you covered!

How it works for employees

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The app is available on both iOS and Android


Choose from 3 sports and over 5 centres

Get on the leaderboard

Let people compete amongst them and track how much they are using











Add sports to your wellness programs today

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